Warm Warm Warm


I do not think that God is some wise old man with white beard and mustache.

I believe God is in us…

God is that one of Me which I’m trying to find

the one which patiently awaits to be found…

this very one

this one of Me is God.

People are always looking for someone to help them

They are looking for someone outside of themselves

someone faraway from them

up above in the sky

hidden behind the clouds..

while actually, God is hiding in each and one of us

and patiently awaits to be found…

God is constantly cheering on us when we are close to finding ourselves, close to find him…God is cheering: warm, warm, warm…warmer…come one, you can do it…

and suddenly we are taken by some long forgotten smell of a meadow flower from our childhood…that is God giving us signals, sending us messengers to tell us: it is all right, just keep on going that way, you are close, very close…I love you, says God, I love you so much…If you only knew how and how much…you would never be able to feel alone or abandoned… I love you, says God, all is well, get up and keep on going….

Thank you, yes, you. Thank you for being here now and forever and ever…because I’m part of forever, part of you.



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